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  Wednesday, April 23, 2014
15RM Overhead Squat
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15RM Overhead Squat

Gold standard = body-weight for 15 unbroken reps!

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75 Rx JB Today!
 70 Rx Kami Today!
  45 Rx Cheryl A Today!
135 Rx Aaron L Today!
 115 Rx Matt A Today!
  95 Rx Musau Today!
 Paul N Today!
 Colby Today!

Musau95 Rx
Paul N95 Rx
Colby95 Rx
Kami70 Rx
Matt A115 Rx
Cheryl A45 Rx
Jeff Y45 Rx
Dawna30 Rx
JB75 Rx
Aaron L135 Rx

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  Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Multi-Position Handstand Holds
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3 sets of:
1-minute handstand hold
(:20 isometric hold at 3 different positions)

Rest 1 minute.

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