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Friday, July 25, 2014
Anniversary Scott P


Note the number of pull-ups completed for each round
400m Run
Max reps Pull-Ups

Please post # of rounds completed.
Post any additional reps or modifications under ''Comment/Why not Rx'' section.  Post total # of Pull-Ups in the ''Comment/Why not Rx'' section.

JB6:00am...3 2 1 GO!
Aaron L6:00am...3 2 1 GO!
Luis6:00am...3 2 1 GO!

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Thursday, July 24, 2014
15 minutes of push press

Take 12-15 minutes to build to a heavy push press

Chosen as WOD: Mon,May 12,2014 Thu,Apr 17,2014
1st140 RxJB Thu,Jul 24,2014
2nd135 RxJenny F Thu,Jul 24,2014
3rd115 RxClairissa Mon,May 12,2014
Kami Mon,May 12,2014
1st235 RxOmar Thu,Jul 24,2014
Ryan H Mon,May 12,2014
2nd225 RxAnthony M Mon,May 12,2014
Ricky Mon,May 12,2014
3rd205 RxAaron L Mon,May 12,2014
Michael W Mon,May 12,2014

Shelly80 Rx
JB140 Rx
David155lbs. Rx
Jenny F135 Rx
Omar235 Rx
Minette110 Rx